Is modern Islam representative of Islam?

ISIS loves social media and selfies!
ISIS and modern Islam loves social media and selfies!

This is going to be a very distasteful topic of course, due to the current events of the increasing tempo and intensity of Islamic attacks on the west which only increases the hatred Westerners and Christians have against their perennial nemesis Islam. However like all religions, Islam is very complex and broad with perhaps hundreds of different sects and denominations which all claim the mantle of Islam the same way the thousands of different Christian denominations claim Christianity.

Let’s not forget that we live the iron age, the age of the kali yuga, the true dark ages of humanity. It only makes sense that ALL of mankind living in this age today are degenerate and have fallen far from their level of normality/tradition (which is the normal state of mankind). 

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Mass killings will not “wake up” the people

Liberalism is anti-fragile. The more the contradictions inherent to the system are exposed, the more its proponents double down on it.

Conservatives and many on the alt-right are banking on the idea that if enough footage of the atrocities of Islam and evidence of their savagery is shown, The People will suddenly “wake up” and rise up to ban immigration and overthrow the progressives who pull the strings.
What they fail to realize is the Liberalism (Left-Liberalism, or Progressivism) is a religion, albeit a bastardized counterfeit one. Just as religious faith is strengthened by persecution and killings, followers of the cult of tolerance and diversity only double down on its core tenants … Read More

Bombing ISIS won’t do anything

After a muslim terrorist drove a truck into a crowd, killing +80 people in Nice France during Bastille Day, (a holiday celebrating the ruin of France with the God-forsaken enlightenment) the predicable expected reaction after every tragedy gets set into motion: Voice outrage to status signal to everyone that your moral, double down on Liberalism with anti-racism, tolerance, free love, and open arms towards immigration. This is the predicable reaction from the Progressives.

a week later people will be catching pokemon on the same streets where the dead were crushed
a week later people will be catching pokemon on the same streets where the dead were crushed

There is this faux-masculine posturing which is something conservatives especially love to do is how they will flex their muscles and show their massive display of “power” in western aircraft and naval fleets to “bomb ISIS into oblivion.” 

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Institutionalized Racism is against White People

Institutionalized Racism in billboard targeting whites. Do we have racist anti-black billboards?
Institutionalized Racism in billboard targeting whites. Do we have racist anti-black billboards?

Every time a violent thug is justifiably killed by a police officer the grievance industry, the mass media, the universities and journalism, and victim groups everywhere vent out their indignation on the keyboards and on the streets with violent protests, the entire Leftist Institution mobilizes to stoke the flames of hate against white people.

“There is Institutionalized racism against black people!

The police are targeting black men!

He dindu nuffin!

There is still racism in America today, even worse since people are not as open about it!”

Now tell me this:

We have Black History month, but do we have White History Month?

Martin Luther King Jr, a black man has his own holiday. Does any American White Historical Figure have their own holiday?

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Those who desire neutrality get what they deserve

Those who desire neutrality get what they deserve 

Many people love to point out the seriously bad things in society like a malevolent government, greedy megalomaniac bankers, or the breakdown in law. Pointing out the absurdity of political correctness and white privilege is easy. Pointing out the lunacy of feminism and its modern adherents is simple, and noticing that the government abuses its power and is grossly incompetent, even malevolent is now taken for granted.

Of course, all of the above things are bad, but people love to endlessly mouth off all their pet conspiracy theories or observations, but they get strangely quiet or indifferent every time the topic of morality is brought up. They might brush it off and then contemptuously say that it is an irrelevant manner.

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Dissonance in Liberal Democracies

To refuse any bond of union between man and civil society, on the one hand, and God the Creator and consequently the supreme Law-giver, on the other, is plainly repugnant to the nature, not only of man, but of all created things; for, of necessity, all effects must in some proper way be connected with their cause; and it belongs to the perfection of every nature to contain itself within that sphere and grade which the order of nature has assigned to it, namely, that the lower should be subject and obedient to the higher.

-Pope Leo XIII

Living in Liberal Democracies results in a universal dissonance that has everything compartmentalized into its own private sphere foolishly thinking that everything is independent unto itself, failing to realize that all the individual atoms colliding and swirling endlessly is put into a … Read More