The surburban alt-right white kids


"once you remove those immigrants we can go back to our american dream!"
“once you remove those immigrants we can go back to our american dream!”

Are you a true man of the right who would call himself a reactionary, a counter-revolutionary who opposes all manifestations of modernity? A person who understands that the west has abandoned its tradition its culture, its grounding in religion, and absolutely repudiates the spirit of the age that offers nothing but worldliness? That the problems that we have been experiencing now is just the culmination of hundreds of years of error in every realm of knowledge now nakedly manifesting itself after it has extinguished every ember of the Christian patrimony that the modern west has fed off of like a leech?

What M. Venner failed to notice is that population replacement has been going on for quite some time. The France that was shaped over the

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Double Standards are a reality

Double Standards are a Reality

be a gentleman and live by double standards
be a gentleman and live by double standards

There are many people out there waking up to the hypocrisy and tyranny of feminism, yet in their criticism and polemics against it, unwittingly support it by following the same ideals premised by feminism, they reject feminism’s effects without rejecting feminism itself. They are not against feminism (which is the equality between men and women) but the feminists who have not lived up to their end of the bargain, basically accepting it in theory but rejecting how it has been done in execution. Ultimately they will defend and promote the idea of gender equality between men and women which is illogical and contrary to being human.

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Orlando Shootings: pseudo religious faith

How predicable. The reactions are nothing new to see here.

Nothing has changed except another list of bodies added to the list of non-liberalized Islam. Gotta give credit to the #progressivegriefsquad, (who have a talent for crying on cue in perfect synchronization like a perfection of choreography credit to the hivemind) they will never give up on their mission to tame the wild dog that is Islam into their anti-traditional satanic pseudo-religion liberalism. They already neutered christianity and have it on a tight leash, and now they have a large pen of liberalized islamic bitchboys to stand up and scream their impotent indignation to show their supposed moral righteousness.

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Male and female Power

The Great Fault in Women is to Desire to be like men

-Joseph De Maistre

Feminism is an ideologue for failed women who cannot assert feminine power. Now, if we are to view life through the lens of a Will to Power, where all humans are in a quest for their own benefit, then it could be seen that it is a sad sort of slave morality, a rationalization made into a virtue for the lower in order to have a sense of false superiority, and a ruse to trick the ones higher up into feeling guilty about their positions. Feminists are discontent that they cannot live successfully as women, so they want to live like a man.

One need only look at a woman’s shape to discover that she is not intended for either too much mental or too

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