The plight of forums and comments sections


I have spent a large portion of my time browsing internet forums and have regretting almost every wall of text that I have read since they seem to never convert into any tangible form of knowledge, and every answer given seems to be full of air and wanting in content.

Everything seems to be in the second-handed knowledge in the form of hearsay, or the pontifications of an anonymous person who has no credibility and every weight of authority is measured in grains of salt.

I noticed that even the most strongly constructed arguments when expressed in the anonymity of a comment section or forum post, always leaves a void of doubt in the back of the reader’s head.

It seems almost a waste to entext one’s thoughts or facts on a matter since to do so in the … Read More


The events that have transpired on what was supposed to be a typical morning commute to work has caused me to trudge through the nooks and crannies of my old writings to find one of my topics on perhaps the most annoying experience of driving; rubbernecking.

verb (used without object)


to look about or stare with great curiosity, as by craning the neck or turning the head.
verb (used with object)


to gawk at:
rubbernecking is so insufferably frustrating that i still would not gawk at an accident of this magnitude
rubbernecking is so insufferably frustrating that i still would not gawk at an accident of this magnitude

March 14 2014


The morbid curiosity that people have for accidents never ceases to drive me to some sort of indignation, although I cannot decide whether this stems from the moral or existential absurdity of it all. Do they stop and gape at it all Read More

People have to be told what to do

The average person, despite the connotation that being average entails mediocrity in all areas, is very reliable and hard working. That is, so long as it doesn’t involve their own personal interests and goals.

Most people show up to school on time. Punctuality is the name of the game as they consistently show up to class when they are supposed to. They do their homework and turn it in on time. When it comes to work, people do everything they can to not be late, to show up on time. They have sit through traffic everyday, a tedious daily ritual that they do unwavering without fail. With their bosses, they do what they are told and do their jobs reliably.

The fact that a teacher is charge of their grades and that their bosses are the ones putting out the … Read More

The mistake of perfection and daily routines

is this what I will become?
is this what I will become?

I gotta be frank; when I go to my website and see the months on the left side and then see the dearth of content that has happened in the past eight months, it is a reminder of my laziness that sears into me deep like the mark of a branding iron. I have been in a state of autopilot, going about my daily routines of working then sleeping rinse-and-repeat and then realize that this process has been going on for half a year now.

Burning through time consuming content (which is mostly empty-calorie youtube -binge-watching) which is in essence basically the borderline-chronic netflix marathon addiction that the troglodytes I wrote so negatively about do.

Not only that, but I have really slackened in my daily reading habits, and the piles of library books … Read More

Modernity: Competitors or Enemies?

The purpose of this book is to show the character of leftism and to what extent and in what way the vast majority of the leftist ideologies now dominating or threatening most of the modern world are competitors rather than enemies. This, we think, is an important distinction. Shoe factory A is a competitor of shoe factory B, but a movement promoting the abolition of footwear for the sake of health is the enemy of both.

-Leftism From De Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse, Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

modernity; different brands of shoe companies
modernity; different flavors of shoe brands

Modernity, what Pope Pius X has deemed the synthesis of ALL heresies is so universally pervasive that it is like the air we breathe and take for granted. Practically every political view, religiosity, sentiment, and everyday opinion falls within the matrix of modernity, and all … Read More

Fast Food, Politicians, and Hierarchy

fast food hierarchy
fast food hierarchy

There is a ubiquitous concept that permeates itself in everyday life that is inevitably always put into practice although condemned ideologically. That would be hierarchy or the ordering of rank.

Going to any fast food today and you will notice the distinction in rank between the workers and managers which is shown by the differences in attire. If you were to mention this to anybody they would make no deal out of it whatsoever, it seems almost facetious and pointless to point out the idea that people of superior ranking should be differentiated from those lower than themselves.

Yet if you were impudent enough to even entertain this same concept to another person taken to the realm of politics instead of fast-food where our leaders should distinguish themselves and dress more ornately to display their higher position … Read More