Cell Phone Addiction in Public nothing new

Going about our everyday lives, those who are more intellectually inclined or publicly sociable might be lamenting on the sad state of affairs today when everybody in public seems to be permanently fixed onto their cell phones like mindless zombies, and how there is no sense of community or daily interaction with people.

It’s time to crush any sense of nostalgia for those who think by turning back the clock to the black-and-white era will somehow have the people be sociable with their heads up awaiting the small talk with their fellow human beings with that pleasing transatlantic accent of that time period with that white-people pip to their step with the alternating criss-crossing arm walk instead of apathetic downwards glanced shuffle of awkward autistic hipster kids that is the signature of out era.

Everything downsizes as technology improves. From … Read More

Abortion: Trump and Matthews

So the Pro-Life movement has been full of contradictions and going halfway in attempting to avoid the logical conclusion of their beliefs, trying to avoid it’s consequences. Although their position is that abortion is a form of murder; their actions and beliefs betray the fact that they really don’t take the idea of abortion seriously at all.

I’ll leave my position on it to another:

  1. Women are moral agents.

  2. Abortion is a kind of murder.

  3. Murder either committed or procured by a moral agent should be subject to some kind of punishment.

Pro-lifers profess to believe (2).

(3) is self-evident.

The recent Donald Trump abortion kerfuffle clearly showed that the pro-life movement does not believe that women should be subject to any kind of punishment for procuring an abortion.

Therefore, the pro-life movement rejects (1).

Now Trump has flip-flopped and … Read More

Mankind does not naturally desire Liberty

Whoever says that man is born for liberty is speaking nonsense.

-Joseph De Maistre

the illusion of sovereingty
liberty is one count per person to vote? that’s what all of humanity desires?

There is a common belief that conservatives (AKA right-liberals or classical liberals) hold that mankind has an inherent desire for Liberty, and by Liberty (capitalized Liberty since it has more importance to the modern person than God) they mean the ability for a person to choose their own life the way they want, whether for good or for bad, and that in order to secure these “inalienable human rights” (an idea which is only a recent enlightenment humanistic concept) we have a government that serves to protect the equal rights of others so that every individual can live the way that they want since it is up to the individual to define Read More