A case in Nihilism: Interview with a Pornstar

*Warning Explicit Content Below, not safe for work or people who are easily perturbed*

So yesterday I reread Father Seraphim Rose’s unfinished Magnum Opus, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Ageand it is perhaps one of the best polemical takedowns on Modernity and in all of its varied manifestations that he has put under the umbrella term NIHILISM. This a a much needed nourishment for those who in their acute discernment (really just common sense) or visceral gut-feeling that there is something terribly wrong in the air, yet they cannot fully grasp it in its entirety. These days, all we have are vague,  inarticulate, overly-sentimental elderly conservative spokesmen types (who are the Liberals Seraphim mentions in his book) who are incapable of encapsulating the societal decay that spawns about universal malaise, and who themselves … Read More

Women from the West vs Islam: The false dichotomy of Liberalism

the false dichotomy of western and eastern women
the false dichotomy, it is only recently that women of the west dressed in such a way

There is plenty of backlash against the Muslims among people of the mainstream conservative and alternate right alike. The Muslims are seen as a foreign, alien group that has a way of life that is the polar opposite of those of the West. The scathing criticisms and vitriol thrown against the Muslims is primarily emphasized by their treatment of women in contrast to those of the modern west.

So those of the West will say that Muslims are an abominable group that is incompatible with “Western civilization and values” because men are allowed to hit their wives, women have have their bodies covered up and their heads covered in a veil, as opposed to sexy western girls in booty shorts and cleavage which … Read More

Resumes and Job Applications

brown nosing and growing
typical job resume

Writing a resume is engaging in the act of farcical pretenses, and it is done on a mass scale. When people hear of the term catch-22, they think about resumes since in most jobs the prerequisite for hiring is that you have previous work experience, and if you do not have that then it is an impossibility for a person actually obtain that position.

So on the microcosmic individual/personal level that is where people are most familiar of catch-22, but on a macrocosmic scale it becomes even more dehumanizing.

Since everyone has to participate in the same circle-jerking workforce, they are all required to bullshit some resume for their employers to read. Everybody knows that resumes are full of exaggerations and outright lies in order to make the applicant appear qualified, but people continue to keep the … Read More

My Roadtrip

California Acres of Green
What most of California looks like for hundreds of miles

I do not yearn for a virgin nature, a nature without the peasant’s ennobling footprint and without the palace crowning the hill.
But a nature safe from plebeian industrialism and irreverent manipulation.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila

The night before I left to my roadtrip to Washington, I heard on the news (alternate and mainstream) that the Bundy’s have occupied land in Oregon and there could be another standoff between armed citizenry and the federal government. Other than the fact that this issue is a conflict between the people and the government, I also found it relevant since I was going to pass Oregon on my way to my destination.

When you hear the word California (what conservatives call Commiefornia), you think of the epitome of the liberal progressive state. Imagines conjured … Read More

The most recent idea of Equality

So I just picked up a copy of Mortimer Adler’s Magnum Opus, The Great Ideas: A Lexicon of Western Thought at the local library (what he calls endearingly The Syntopicon), a behemoth book nearly 1000 pages that is a compilation of 102 ideas that have constituted the 25 centuries of Western thought under perennial discourse among the most influential thinkers from from Plato to Marx.

I am familiar with Adler with his most well known book, How to Read a Book which would seem superfluous to many, but reading is a complex activity that takes skill to master as he said is akin to a person pitching a baseball and the other catching, and the end of the book has a compilation of the great books which he recommends to read, so consider The Great Ideas, the synthesis … Read More