Evil Evil Nazis

evil patriarchal totalitarian racist oppressive priviledged white man george zimmerman murdered innocent baby messiah trayvon martin
evil patriarchal totalitarian racist oppressive privileged white man george zimmerman murdered innocent baby messiah trayvon martin

Progressivism is premised upon the idea that it is a living, breathing organism that changes with the times and that these changes mark the gradual improvement of human development of thought, and since everything is a continual work-in-progress, updates are being constantly stacked on top of previous iterations where the latest version is better off the merits of it building upon the previous one which is outdated the moment the next update is ready for upload, or dissemination in the human sphere.

This is a two-way street however, as the list of add-ons or changes is listed as a pro on one side, and contrasted as something that has been rejected on the other, which its competitor, the old dead horse of Nazism has … Read More

Modern People are Sexually Confused


So several years ago a youtube video went viral (youtube loves to put progressive agendas on the front page) where a bunch of lesbians openly conspired to “steal” the boyfriends of straight women because they (and society) assume that they are far more appealing to men since they have male interests and don’t do boring girly stuff like shopping. Men today are so insecure and disordered in themselves they are attracted to women who take on traits of a man. 

Men and Women today do not understand the complementary relationship between man and woman, although the problem isn’t that they don’t understand, it’s because they what they desire is disordered and they refuse to conform to the nature of things, forcing what it is to what it should be, which entails molding everything into perspective to their perversions … Read More

Grinding is not a Virtue


Most people are hard workers because they willingly funnel into society’s standard that grinding is a virtue.

They choose to do so because since they have no principles of their own and adopt it because it helps to pick lower standards so that it can fit them.

The mediocre instead of compelling themselves to great heights, lower it so that they don’t even have to leave their couch.

They might not actually think so, but they must be rightly entitled to some sort of recognition for wasting their lives away for someone else under their own will.

Of course, those who do think so are so far down the rabbit hole they must be getting high off sniffing satan’s ass.

What is grinding? The video game genre that has the most negative connotation as a time wasting activity for … Read More


Greetings! This has been long overdue. I have always wanted to blog, but for the longest time relegated my musings and dialogues to people in my physical vicinity in my personal life, and found that it was a damn shame that my audience be so niche and exclusive.

One reason why I stalled blogging other than pure laziness was that I felt that my knowledge and experiences did not certify me for such an undertaking, but I am a perennial student and even in an audience of none, it is a ideal way for me in inscribe my thoughts and to document them (making it public has a way of fine-tuning your writing since your performing!)

There are many topics and perspectives that I have that I wish to be heard and provoked that surprisingly hasn’t been noted anywhere else … Read More